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Zathis, Scion of Khaine
"Death comes silently."




Dark Elf




Gem.png 125 or Gold.png 30,000  v  d  e 

Zathis is a Dark Elf Assassin who hides in the shadows ready to jump on his victims and claim the kill.

Zathis arrived in Game Update 0.25

Zathis, Scion of Khaine[]

The Dark Elf festival of Death Night is sacred to Khaine, the thousand faced Lord of Murder. From dusk until dawn his brides flood the streets of the Dark Elf cities searching for fresh sacrifices. Adults taken during Death Night are mutilated and killed atop Witch Elf altars. Children, however, are reserved for a different fate.

All male children stolen during the night are brought into the Temple of Khaine and tossed into the Cauldron of Blood located therein. Most do not survive. The few that emerge unscathed are raised to become Assassins, adepts of Khaine. Life within the Temple is perhaps more deadly than submersion within the Cauldron itself. Unseen dangers can be found everywhere, planted by Master Assassins, or a fellow student intent on getting 'ahead of the curve.'

Fortunately for Zathis, he possesses the ability to stay at least one step ahead. His utter ruthlessness in dispatching the competition has given rise to countless rumors. Rumors which cannot be substantiated as no physical records of the victims remain. Zathis excels at focusing on and cutting down individual foes. His dual wielded blades and stealth mastery make him a very dangerous opponent on the battlefield.

Zathis the Silent[]

The cult of Khaine in Naggaroth has given rise to a ruthless and unforgiving society where acts of misdirection, betrayal and even murder are considered works of art. Like their estranged kin, the Dark Elves hone the skills in which they excel until mastery passes into ritual.

Zathis has spent centuries perfecting his skills as an Assassin, giving rise to the tale of Malekith himself engaging his services in the interest of an evening's entertainment. Whether carried out in front of witnesses or in the darkened chambers of a druchii lord, to Zathis each act of murder has but one purpose: the futher veneration of Khaine. It is, perhaps, for precisely this reason that he is so feared. For when Zathis 'the Silent' carries out an assignment, the close regard of the Lord of Murder can be felt as a very near and real presence.

In what is perhaps his most notorious execution to date, Zathis saw to the destruction of two rival Dark Elf houses over the course of a single court function. Though the feast was shared by all, poisoned dishes unerringly arrived in front of the marked members. The toxin selected was purposefully slow-acting to allow for an evening of delicious tension for those who survived.

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