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Volrik Clawhand
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"I will carve a path of destruction so vast that even the gods must take notice."


Damage Resistant & Control






Gem.png 110 or Gold.png 9,000  v  d  e 

Volrik Clawhand[]

The fierce tribesmen which inhabit the Eastern Steppes are known collectively as the Kurgan. Broad limbed and dark-skinned, these nomadic hunters venerate the Dark Gods, looking with disdain upon the younger 'created' gods of the Empire. The might of the Kurgan in battle is second to none, for each warrior is only as good as his last kill.

Volrik Clawhand is the son of a Zar, brought into the world with one hand twisted into the semblance of a claw. This oddity, paired with his silver hair, set him apart from his raven-locked brethren and set the stage for a confrontation that would see his expulsion from the tribe. During his first hunt, Volrik and his brother, Negan, came to blows. Negan claimed the downed beast as his kill though his weapon wasn't bloodied. Outraged, Volrik reached out with his malformed hand, crushing his brother's windpipe.

In a few short years Volrik has become one of the most feared Kurgan to stalk the battlefield. Volrik is an opponent who delights in separating the weak from their fellows. Those who fall into his terrible embrace soon find themselves impaled upon his monstrous talons or frozen with fear by the flames of fate.

Volrik Ravenblessed[]

To the Kurgan, waging war is a sacred duty. Their battle-hardened marauders fling themselves into the fray wherever the fighting is thickest, determined to show both their ancestors and the Ruinous Powers their strength of arms. For Volrik, battle is his path to exaltation; for only through the outward manifestation of Tzeentch's blessing will he be accepted back into his tribe.

When the Warhost of Tcar'zanek marched on Praag, Volrik joined the throng. The chance to distinguish himself in the eyes of The Changer's chosen warleader was too good an opportunity to dismiss. He and his small party of mounted marauders charged into the beseiged city, and left a trail of bodies and burning buildings in their wake. As the city burned down around them, Volrik lifted his mace to the sky and howled in triumph - and lightning split the night.

Bolts of energy smashed into Volrik's armored form, changing him. His clawed left hand continued its transformation, sprouting talons from monstrously elongated fingertips. Feathers grew to cover both shoulder and upper arm, and his skin, once wind-roughened ebony, hardened and acquired a brass hue. When his mace crushed the skull of the enemy Commander, his victory cry echoed through the devastated city, sowing dismay among all who heard.


VolrikA1.png Flail Deals 33 damage to your target. (0s cooldown, 5ft range)
VolrikA2.png Concussive Jolt Deals 72 damage to your target and snares them for 3 seconds. (5s cooldown, 5ft range)
VolrikA3.png Unstable Blast Roots your target in place for 4 seconds and deals 88 damage over its effect. (10s cooldown, 65ft range)
VolrikA4.png Flames of Fate Blocks all healing on the target for 7 seconds. (20s cooldown, 65ft range)
VolrikA5.png Terrible Embrace Deals 150 damage and pulls the target towards you. (30s cooldown, 65ft range)
VolrikP1.png Prolonged Your abilities last 10% longer per other Chaos character in your group.



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