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The Pyramid of Settra was introduced in Game Update 0.20 and features a Relic Rush mechanic.


Riches and power await you in the newly-discovered Pyramid of Settra! Gather as many Relics as you can and hold on to them for as long as you can. The more you gather and hoard away, the more points you’ll get for your team, but remember you aren’t the only Relic hunters out there - enemy Heroes will be crashing your treasure room! It's a mad dash for power and glory, so stay strong and plan your offense and defense carefully!


  • When the Scenario starts, a number of Relics will spawn in the central chamber of the pyramid. Be the first ones into the center and claim as many as you can!
  • Return the Relics to your treasure room off of the central chamber, conveniently color coded and located to the left of your spawn room.
  • Holding Relics will provide points over time. Each Relic grants additional points, so holding on to the most Relics will ensure victory… but also ensure that you are the target of two other teams!
  • Over time, additional Relics will spawn in the central chamber, so be on the lookout for those.
  • The center chamber connects to all of the treasure and spawn rooms, and there are also back passages that provide alternative approaches to getting in or out of a team’s treasure room. Don’t forget about these or you might be suddenly wondering where all the Relics have disappeared to!
  • Killing players will grant no points, but is necessary to ensuring you can procure or secure Relics, so pick your battles and then take your foes down mercilessly.


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