Ornate Chest
Ornate Chest New


A mysterious ornate chest. Open for a chance at elite tactics. You must exit the store in order to claim your Ornate Chest.


Gem 200 or Gold 40,000  v  d  e 

The Ornate Chest is an item available for sale in the game store for gems and gold.

Elite tactics are available from the chest.

An Elite tactic can now be created by converting 5 of its normal tactics for a cost of 40,000 gold.

Possible ItemsEdit

Icon Name Description
Rapidity Acceleration Increases run speed by 10%.
Alacrity Alertness Reduces area damage taken by 15%.
Grim Pragmatism Bleak Pragmatism You deal 20% more damage to targets that are below 40% health.
Bloodlust Bloodthirst 8% chance on hit: Regain 96 hit points.
Grim Pragmatism Carnage 15% chance on hit: Deals 77 damage to 2 other enemies near the target. This effect cannot occur more than once per second.
Retaliation Counterblast 15% chance on being hit: Deals 51 damage to all enemies around you.
Endless Knowledge Eternal Knowledge Reduces ability cooldown times by 20%
Endless Knowledge Fervor Increases your maximum hit points by 250.
Godsbless God's Gift 2% chance on hit: Reset all ability cooldowns.
Shield Hardened Flesh Increases Armor by 20%.
Cripple Maim 15% chance on hit: Snare for 8 seconds.
Blasting Massive Blasting 25% chance on hit: Knocks the victim away from you a short distance.
Sneak Attacks Murderous Attacks Increases damage done by 20% when attacking from the rear.
Brute Force Overwhelming Force Increases bonus critical hit damage by 35%
Adaptation Perfect Adaptation On being critted: Can't be critted again for 10s, and take 10% less damage for 10 seconds.
Agility Perfect Agility Root duration reduced by 80%.
Steady aim Perfect Aim Increases crit chance by 20%.
Perfectassault Perfect Assault 30% chance on critical hit: Increases the damage you deal by 30% for 12 seconds.
Balance Perfect Balance Stagger duration reduced by 80%.
Proficiency Perfect Proficiency Knockdown duration reduced by 80%.
LuckGods Protection of the Gods You take only 10% damage while you are knocked down.
Receptiveness Responsiveness Increases the effectiveness of most healing used on you by 20%
Restorative Burst Restorative Surge 15% chance on being hit: Regain 71 hit points.
Desperation Temerity You take only 60% of incoming damage when you are below 40% hit points.
Perfect Recovery Perfect Recovery 30% chance on dodging: Deals 77 damage back against the attacker.
Escape Escape! 20% Chance on being hit: You sprint for 8 seconds.
Tearing Tearing Edge 8% chance on hit: Deals 216 damage over 12 seconds.
Altruist's Gift 15% chance on healing someone else: You deal 30% more damage for 12 seconds.
Perfect Bulwark 15% chance on healing someone else: Target absorbs up 88 damage for up to 10 seconds.
Massive Backlash You deal 30% more damage to silenced enemies.
Illustrious Stand You deal 25% more damage when you are below 40% hit points.
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