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Olwyn Shieldbearer
“Nothing gets past Dwarf Steel.”


Armored & Group Support






Gem.png 115 or Gold.png 16,000  v  d  e 


Offense: 5/5
Survivability: 5/5
Support: 3/5
Complexity: 3/5

  • Not confirmed

An Ironbreaker of the Dwarfs, Olwyn enters the fights with the steel the Dwarfs are famed for, able to deal damage as well as negate the armor of her opponents no matter how tough it may be, and can be expected to even knock down an enemy. Olwyn is also able to absorb damage which makes her even more viable when it comes to survivability.

Olwyn was added to the game with Game Update 0.19 at the 8th of May, 2012.

Olwyn Shieldbearer[]

Dwarf holds extend for miles underground, their tunnels and mines snaking through the bedrock of the mountains. As mineshafts run dry, the Dwarfs will simply abandon them, leaving vast stretches of tunnel unwatched as they look elsewhere. The Ironbreakers are Dwarfs tasked with guarding the hold from the dangers that lurk in those abandoned tunnels.

During one fairly routine patrol in the dark deeps, Olwyn’s group found themselves surrounded by Skaven. At the head of the group was an enormous Rat Ogre. As Ironbreakers fell under his terrible claws, they began to start moving back towards the hold, but Olwyn pushed forward to face off against him. He tore at her with his claws, but she deflected every attack with her shield. He roared in frustration, and Olwyn stepped forward and smashed his skull in with a single blow.

Olwyn still fights with the same determination, carring her allies into battle behind her and punishing any who dare to invoke her ire. Any foe brave or foolish enough to strike one of her allies will soon feel her hammer, as she will never forget those who have earned a grudge.


OlwynA1.png Smashing Impact Deals 33 damage, and negates the target's armor for 3 seconds. (0s cooldown, 5ft range)
OlwynA2.png Kneecaping Strike Deals 72 damage, and snares your target for 5 seconds. (6s cooldown, 5ft range)
OlwynA3.png Vengeful Strike Deals 111 damage to your target. If they are targeting someone other than you, deals 150 damage instead. (6s cooldown, 5ft range)
OlwynA4.png Gromril Protection Absorbs up to 241 damage over 5 seconds. (12s cooldown, self)
OlwynA5.png Shield Slam Deals 111 damage to your target and knocks them down for 3 seconds. (20s cooldown, 5ft range)
OlwynP1.png Implacable Olwyn cannot be knocked away, knocked up, or pulled.
OlwynP2.png Murderer You deal 15% more damage to Skaven.




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