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Malus Darkblade
"Your agony shall be endless!"


Area Damage & Armored




Dark Elf


Gem.png 0 or Gold.png 200,000  v  d  e 


  • Offence: 5/5
  • Survivability: 4/5
  • Support 0/5
  • Complexity 0/5

Malus Darkblade the daemon-ridden Scion of Hag Graef is a legendary presence on the battlefield. Malus, full of hate and a thirst for power, will soon be causing death and chaos!

Malus will be the first Legendary Hero to be released.


Malus Darkblade was born into one of the noble families of Hag Graef. His ambition and thirst for power are unquenchable, and drove him to seek out an ancient, magical treasure. Upon discovering it, however, he found more than he had bargained for.

His body was possessed by the Daemon Tz'arkan, who claimed his soul. The Daemon gave him only one way to escape his fate - to find five artifacts of power that could be used to free Tz'arkan for all eternity. Malus was given a year to find all five, and his determination to succeed drove him to slay his own father for possession of one of the artifacts required.

Malus returned to the place of his possession one year later, but Tz'arkan had tricked him. The Daemon left Malus' body but took his soul. Caught between life and death, Malus wandered the Chaos Wastes for a decade. Armed with the Warpsword of Khaine, the only artifact remaining after freeing Tz'arkan, he was unstoppable. He eventually managed to retrieve his soul, but the Daemon was once again imprisoned within his body.

Now, he has returned from the Chaos Wastes, and his thirst for power has only grown stronger.


MalusA1.jpg Warpsword of Khaine Area Damage.
MalusA2.jpg Sweep Area Damage and Snares.
MalusA3.jpg Soulrender Greater Area Damage.
MalusA4.jpg Frenzy Rapid Area Damage.
MalusA5.jpg Khaine's Fury Area Damage and Knockdown.
MalusP1.jpg Possessed by Tz'arkan 3% chance of unleashing Tz'arkan, healing you and increasing your offense and defence for 20 seconds.


  • All of Malus's attacks are sweeping strikes that cleave through all enemies in an area. If you're fighting against a single foe, it's often to your advantage to break off and go engage a tightly-packed group of targets instead.
  • Frenzy can deal a massive amount of damage, but only if it runs its full duration. Use Khaine's Fury first, then immediately start a Frenzy while the enemies are knocked down and can't interrupt you.
  • When fighting Malus, always remember that physical attacks against him have a chance to unleash the daemon Tz'arkan. If you don't have magical attacks of your own, try to back out and call for assistance from the magic-users in your group!

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