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"Put your coins on the table, friend. All of them."


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Reward for completing the Tutorial

A thief of The Empire, Lucian is rewarded upon the player's completion of the Tutorial.

Lucian was added to the game with Game Update 0.17 on the 29th of March, 2012.

Lucian the Blade[]

Lucian the Blade is a figure of questionable character who has garnered a little too much approval from the public as far as the Altdorf watch is concerned. After all he is a Free Company captain, and his loyalty is given to whosoever pays the admittedly outrageous fees necessary to guarantee his services.

It doesn't matter that nine times out of ten the forces he's joined have defended the Empire, nor do the rumors of his predilection for aiding the downtrodden. When the servants of the Empire look at the chisel-faced visage sporting its tell-tale eye patch all they see is a scavenger - a penniless nobleman who turned his back on family honor and threw his lot in with the most unsavory of characters.

It is a reputation that Lucian has gone to great lengths to encourage. There are some who whisper that the reputation is all a front - that Lucian is in service to the Empire still, but thus far no solid evidence has come to light. The fact that Lucian has yet to spend a single night in the Altdorf gaol is a troubling piece of knowledge that does more to enforce his legendary status than his detractors could wish.

Lucian the Disbanded[]

The first record of Lucian's service to the Empire was in Ostermark, where he had been conscripted to fight against the ever-present threat of the Vampire Counts of Slyvania. He quickly proved his skill with the blades that he carried, carving through the Undead with such skill that he found himself placed in charge of the company that he was leading.

He was granted a full set of armor befitting his position, and wore it proudly into battle. His company pressed forward into the thick of the fighting, cutting a bloody swath through the undead. Lucian eventually found and killed the vampire that had been leading the attack, and the undead forces scattered before the Empire armor. Lucian's men emerged from the battle mostly unscathed, and Lucian was summoned to appear before the Elector Count of Ostermark.

However, rather than praising him, the Elector Count handed over Lucian's fee and commanded him to disband his unit and return to his duties as a servant of the Empire. Lucian did as commanded, disappearing into the Empire for several years before returning to the fields of battle as a mercenary. However, every now and then he is seen on the fields of battle wearing the armor granted to him for his service to the Empire.


LucianA1.png Hack Deals damage
LucianA2.png Practiced Attack Deals greater damage
LucianA3.png Double Swing Deals damage twice
LucianA4.png Wounding Slash Deals damage over time
LucianA5.png Powerful Swing Deals damage, and increases your damage
LucianP1.png Toughened Your armor is increased by 5% per other Empire character in your group.


Name Type Replaces Requires
They Said There Was Pay? Damage
Whirling Swing Close Area Damage Double Swing They Said There Was Pay?
Wild Attack Damage and Debuff Practiced Attack Whirling Swing
Deep Wound Damage Whirling Swing
Empowered by Hard Labor Damage Wild Attack

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