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"I will make of you a worthy offering."



Dark Elf


Witch Elf


Gem.png 125 or Gold.png 30,000  v  d  e 

The Witch Elf Korelei, this bloodthirsty Dark Elf is eager to charge into combat and let her insane frenzy loose. With Khaine's Favour she will be the bane of all those how prefer not to get into a melee fight.

She was added to the game August 7th 2012.


Like Zathis, Korelei is a child of Witching Night; a girl child snatched from her cradle and raised within the Temple of Khaine to become one of the most feared and deadly members of Malekith’s army: a Witch Elf.

As a child of the Temple, regular consumption of various toxic concoctions along with rigorous training in the arts of death has honed her natural abilities far beyond what could normally be attained. The berserk fury with which she hurtles herself toward foes does nothing to disguise her grace and skill. In her hands her twin daggers are sacred objects, drenched in the blood of countless sacrifices to the Lord of Murder.

Korelei’s exploits both on the battlefield and off have earned her the nickname ‘Mistress of Pain’ for the pleasure she derives from tormenting her sacrifices before finally carving open their chests and snatching out their hearts. Korelei’s method of attack is frighteningly simple. When enemies appear she targets the most heavily armored among them and launches herself into the fray. Her twin daggers are coated with a variety of deadly toxins, enabling her to snare, poison, and rip out the heart of her opponent before they even realize what has occurred.


KoreleiA1.jpg Torturous Venom Deals 33 Damage, and target can't crit. for 3 secs.
KoreleiA2.jpg Manbane Toxin Deals 72 Damage, Your next attack within 5 sec will deal an additional 96 dam over 2 sec. 6 sec cooldown
KoreleiA3.jpg Heart Seeker Deals 72 Damage, and increases damage you deal for the next 5 sec. 6 sec cooldown
KoreleiA4.jpg Kiss of Agony 111 Damage, and eliminates cooldowns of Heart Seeker & Manbane Toxin if used within 8 sec. 9 sec cooldown
KoreleiA5.jpg Witchbrew Reduces damage taken and increases damage done for 8 sec. 30s cooldown
KoreleiP1.jpg Khaine's Favour Passive: Korelei runs more quickly than most Heroes, and takes half damage from enemies outside of melee range.
KoreleiP2.jpg Empowered Your damage is increased per other Dark Elf character in your group.


  • While she does use physical attacks, Korelei's sharpened blades easily slice through an enemy's protections, making her very effective against Heroes such as Bax who rely wholly on armor as their main defense.
  • Korelei has an innately high Dodge chance, but she becomes nigh-unhittable when she uses her Witchbrew. Knowing your enemy is key; using Witchbrew to avoid weak attacks is a waste.
  • Magical attackers are Korelei's bane, for spells cannot be dodged. When coordinated with enemy crowd control, Korelei's chances are slim indeed - especially against Felicia, who has both magic and control.
  • Most of Korelei's attacks also modify her next hit as well, making her decisions more complicated than simply "what to use next". A skilled player will always be planning out several steps ahead!

Battle Quotes[]

  • A satisfying battle is one from which I emerge covered in blood.
  • Happiness is the look in an enemy’s eyes as the last of their life drains away.


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