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Ilanya Darkwind
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"Come now, you did not expect that to satisfy me, did you?"


Focused & Aggressive




Dark Elf


Gem.png 115 or Gold.png 16,000  v  d  e 

Ilanya Darkwind[]

Of the countless supplicants who beg admittance to the Tower of Ghrond, only a handful survive to join the ranks of the Dark Convent. Those who do not possess the iron-willed discipline so vital to the successful control of the Chaos Winds soon succumb to madness. Some continue to serve their erstwhile Sisters as drudges. Others are slain outright as bloody lessons on the consequences of failure. Of course for those whose parentage assures them a place, failure is never an option.

A scion of druchii nobility, Ilanya's fate seemed intricately bound to the political machinations of her own family. That is until she came to the attention of the powerful Sorceress Ra'thor. Whether her untrained conjurations actually interfered with the spell workings of the High Sorceress, or some other factor brought her to Ra'thor's attention none can say. The High Sorceress gave Ilanya a choice: death ... or life within the ranks of the Dark Sisterhood.

Ilanya excels at felling single targets; unleashing the dark winds of magic on her foes in a flurry of spell casting that few can withstand. Those facing her in a one-on-one contest of wills have little hope of victory unless they can outlast her initial onslaught.

Ilyana, the Poisoned Bloom[]

Many folk have heard tales of the Poisonous Bloom; a Nagarythe Rose known as much for its breathtaking beauty as its dangerous thorns. What very few realize is that all of the songs and stories have a basis in fact.

As a young maiden, Ilanya took great delight in the seduction and manipulation of various Dark Elf nobles. And, while she was very careful to always ensure the furtherance of her family's name, the true purpose behind her complicated webs of betrayal was known only to herself. In what is perhaps her most well known undertaking, Ilanya arranged the downfall of a rival house through the simultaneous seducation of both a father and his two sons.

In the span of a single court season the Lord had been murdered and his eldest son executed for the crime of practicing magic. As an alleged perpetrator of patricide, the youngest son was sentenced to a period of service in Karond Kar from which it was deemed he was unlikely to survive. The remaining members of his disgraced clan were pressed into service. Those who refused this mercy soon graced the blood-stained altars of the Temple of Khaine.


IlanyaA1.png Doombolt Deals 24 damage. (0 cooldown, 65ft range) *Does not consume Impending Doom upon critical hits.
IlanyaA2.png Gloomburst Deals 81 damage. (5s cooldown, 65ft range)
IlanyaA3.png Word of Pain Deals 96 damage over 7 seconds, plus an additional 81 when the effect ends. (10s cooldown, 65ft range.) *Does not consume Impending Doom upon critical hits.
IlanyaA4.png Power of Darkness Deal 109 Damage, and Knocks target in air for 1 second. (20s cooldown, 65ft range)
IlanyaA5.png Shadow Blades Deals 135 damage over 2 seconds. (30s cooldown, 65ft range)
IlanyaP1.png Impending Doom

Stacking: Increases Ilanya's critical hit chance by 10% per stack, max 10 stacks.

IlanyaP2.png Murderer You deal 15% more damage to High Elves.
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