Wrath of Heroes Wiki

New Player Guide (PDF)[]

Official BioWare Mythic new player guides.

Game Concepts[]

An introduction to Wrath of Heroes core features and game concepts.

Lobby You are presented with the lobby as you load up the game, here you can chat with other players, form warbands, change options, view your stats, change hero properties or queue for a Scenario.
Hero At the start of each map you choose your hero, each hero has a different set of abilities, if you are killed during the scenario you have options to select another hero before you respawn.
Scenario Scenarios are small 15 minute games between 3 Teams of 6 Heroes, each map has different victory conditions.
Team When you load into a scenario you are automatically assigned to one of three teams, Orange, Blue or Green. Teams are made up of 6 heroes.
Scoreboards At the end of each scenario a scoreboard is displayed, this will tell you how many kills, assists, damage and healing you have done in comparison with other players.
Warband In the Lobby you have the option to form a Warband, which is a pre-made team of up to 6 players, you can queue as a group and enter the same Scenario together.
Warcamp At the start of each Scenario you are positioned at your Team's Warcamp, this will remain the same throughout the Scenario and when you die you will respawn at this location.
Masteries Customize your hero with tactics or new abilities.
Quests Formerly known as achievements, provide rewards for milestone completions.
Challenges Scenario specific objectives that reward you with an extra spin.
Skin Your heroes can have alternate appearances, each skin has a different character name and background story. Skins are available from the in-game store to purchase.
Gems Gems are a form of paid fictional currency.
Gold Gold is earned from the Reward Spinner.
Store The place to buy Heroes, Items and Skins for Gems or Gold.
Experience As you gain experience you increase in level, granting you a Mastery point to spend.