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Gem.png Gems are a form of paid fictional currency that can be purchased via the in-game Store , the currency can be used to buy boosts, heroes and skins.

  • Gems are a form of currency that can be purchased in the in-game store using real money.
  • If you do not have enough Gems to pay for an item you try to purchase with Gems you will be automatically prompted if you wish to buy more Gems which will walk you through the Gem purchasing process.
  • Gems can be purchased in various quantities with larger gem packs giving you more for your money.
  • The store accepts a number of different payment methods, if your favorite payment method is not supported please check back often as new methods are being added on a regular basis.

Gems and Beta[]

Please note: All Gems purchased during the Open Beta period will carry over into the full release of the game. So if you have 1000 gems when Open Beta ends you will keep your 1000 gems.

If you purchase a Hero in Open Beta you will continue to own that Hero after Open Beta. In the event a reset does need to be performed all purchases made with Gems and any remaining Gems will be refunded as Gems to your game account

Gem Prices[]

Note: GBP and EUR prices include VAT

Gem.png 75 £3.99 €4.99 $4.99
Gem.png 160 £6.99 €9.99 $9.99
Gem.png 240 £9.99 €13.99 $14.99
Gem.png 490 £19.99 €26.99 $29.99
Gem.png 1000 £38.99 €52.99 $59.99

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