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Garden of Morr was added in Game Update 0.26.


The battle rages on in the blighted lands of Sylvania! Don't expect sunshine and flowers, for Morr is the god of death, and the only things planted in his garden are corpses. Defeat your enemies to earn points, and claim the ancient cursed skull when it appears - you and your allies will then earn even more points for kills! Watch your back, though, because anyone who kills you will immediately claim the cursed skull for their own...


  • This scenario is kill-driven. Each kill is worth 3 points for your team.
  • 30 seconds after the scenario begins, the Cursed Skull will appear in the center of the map.
  • The first person to touch the Cursed Skull will claim it, and be immediately transformed into a Skeletal Standard-Bearer.
  • The Skeletal Standard-Bearer has a full set of its own abilities. All abilities which were slotted on your original Hero will be removed, and replaced by the Standard-Bearer's instead.
  • The Skeletal Standard-Bearer earns 8 points for each kill he makes, instead of the base 3 points. This also applies to any of his allies that are standing near him - their kills will each earn 8 points as well.
  • Only one Skeletal Standard-Bearer may exist at a time. If the Skeletal Standard-Bearer is slain, then his killer immediately becomes the new Standard-Bearer.
  • If, for any reason, the Standard-Bearer's killer cannot be transformed into the next Skeletal Standard-Bearer, then the Cursed Skull will re-appear on the ground and wait to be claimed.
  • The minimap will always show the Skeletal Standard-Bearer's position, even if he is currently claimed by another team.
  • Becoming the Skeletal Standard-Bearer - either by claiming the Cursed Skull or by killing an enemy Standard-Bearer - will count as a Capture for your personal score. This does not impact team points.

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