Drulg's Server Maintenance
Released 10 April 2012
New Hero: Drulg
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Game Update 0.17a Game Update 0.18

Game Update 0.17b is also known as Drulg's Server Maintenance and since it doesn't bring too much changes, it isn't considered regular patch.


New Hero: DrulgEdit

Ruthless on the battlefield, Drulg is a real juggernaut - the biggest and baddest Ogre around. He is a physical melee hero with anunquenchable thirst for bloodshed; smashing his way through the battle, and breaking bones as he goes.

  • Drulg can sprint for short period of time. Combined with Snare cause by his regular attack, he can easily catch up enemies, who fled out of combat.
  • If Drulg kill somebody, he regains significant amount of health.
  • Drulg's deafening roar can Silence several enemies at the same time.

Free HeroesEdit

The following Heroes are considered Free and available to all during this week:


  • Terrible Transformation: This perk now requires a kill streak to activate, and no longer requires assists


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