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Durrig Blackbeard
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"Kill anything that moves, lads. Tis the only way to be sure."








Gem.png 125 or Gold.png 30,000  v  d  e 

Durrig was added to the game September 4, 2012.

Durrig Blackbeard[]

The Marshes of Madness are home to a myriad of unnatural creatures. Those who avoid the Boglar infested waters soon find themselves face to maw with Dwarf-eating plants or worse. In fact, if the Marshes did not also hold an untold amount of Oathgold, no self-respecting Dwarf would be found anywhere near them. The warpstone-infused soil taints everything it touches, promising the eventual corruption of even the hardiest constitution.

Durrig came to the Marshes as an expedition forerunner, his knowledge of engineering and keen nose for precious minerals making him a natural choice. Initial progress was steady. A small vein of Oathgold was located and mining began. Before long however, the stubborn spirits of Durrig and his counterparts began to wane. Strange sounds could be heard at night. Tools went missing. A cloud of suspicion hung over the camp. Then Dwarfs began disappearing. When reinforcements from Karaz-a-Karak arrived months later, they found Durrig sitting alone in the middle of a destroyed camp, covered in blood, and stark raving mad.

Durrig's primary focus is damage. Alongside his trusty bombardment turret, he is equally capable of defending a point or charging directly into the fray

Durrig Wildshot[]

Durrig's madness, like the Dwarf himself, is a grim and methodical thing. It has also, on more than one occasion, been cause for great relief on the part of his allies; for enemies do not easily survive the focused attentions of an enraged Engineer. Clad in a mixture of green-dyed cloth and leather armor, Durrig proudly bears a heavily carved pistol into battle. This clan heirloom has been passed down through so many generations that it is now no small matter of pride for Durrig to be able to remember and correctly recite the complete list of former bearers.

Unfortunately for Durrig it is a list that elicits unrest among his fellows, for included among his ancestors are two names that exist nowhere else in any of the Dwarf histories. Once, when pressed for information by a fellow Engineer, Durrig quickly grew unsettled, stroking his pistol restlessly and mumbling about there being 'too many chuffin' beasts about.' Since then few have dared to broach the subject openly, preferring instead to press another pint into the Dwarf's shaking hands and wait for the moment to pass.

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