Conrad Gottschalk
"Courage without faith means nothing."






Warrior Priest


Gem 125 or Gold 30,000  v  d  e 

Hit Points



  • Offense: 2.5/10
  • Survivability: 5/10
  • Support: 7.5/10
  • Complexity: 5/10

A Warrior Priest of The Empire's army, Conrad is eager to enter the fights, bringing pain to his enemies and support to his allies.

Conrad was released with the Game Update 0.21 on the 19th of June, 2012.

Hammer of SigmarEdit

The followers of Sigmar Heldenhammer who employ both words and steel are known as Warrior Priests. The martial prowess of these formidable warriors is second only to their unquenchable faith in Sigmar; faith which has the power to inspire their comrades in arms, bringing forth hope when all seems lost. A Warrior Priest embodies unshakable courage, honor, and faith, standing against the enemies of the Empire wherever they are found. For Conrad Gottschalk, 'Hammer of Sigmar' there could be no other life.

The third son of a prominent Altdorf family, young Conrad was more given to quoting the strictures of Sigmar than engaging in the questionable games of youth. Not all of his childhood was given to seriousness, however. His brothers quickly learned that engaging in certain activities could rouse Conrad to a quivering fury. This inevitably led to the severe beating of said brothers and Conrad's entrance into martial training far earlier than anyone had suspected.

Conrad approaches battle with righteous fury. His ability to draw upon his faith as both weapon and shield is something upon which compatriots have come to depend.

Warrior of TruthEdit

As a member of the Order of the Silver Hammer, Conrad's responsibilities do not end on the battlefield. Like his brethren, Conrad wanders the Empire, employing both martial skill and common sense to guard the Empire against the corruption. Indeed his willingness to aid and advise the common folk has earned him both the amusement and disapproval of his Sigmarite brothers.

During what should have been an uneventful pilgrimage to the Temple of Sigmar in Black Fire Pass, Conrad was called upon to aid a local priest in uncovering the source of some troubling claims. A well had gone dry and livestock were missing. The single person unaffected happened to be an eldery widow living on the edge of the village. Unsatisfied with the superstitious reasoning behind the accusations, Conrad pushed for further investigation; at one point standing between the woman and a mob of villagers determined on letting 'Sigmar sort 'er out.'

Had the woman in question truly been suspected of wrong doing, things would have gone poorly for Conrad. As it was, the situation was as much due to laziness as superstition and no official charges had been brought. In due course the alleged witch was cleared of all wrong doing and Conrad departed the area with the newly minted reputation as a 'Warrior of Truth'.


ConradA1 Divine Strike Deals 33 damage to the target, and restores 46 hit points to nearby allies.
ConradA2 Sigmar's Wrath Deals 74 damage to nearby enemies, and restores 70 hit points to nearby allies. (5 secs cooldown)
ConradA3 Judgment Deals 72 damage and silences the target for 3 seconds. (10 secs cooldown)
ConradA4 Sigmar's Fist For 8 seconds, whenever a nearby ally deals damage, you cause additional damage. (20 secs cooldown)
ConradA5 Divine Avatar Deals 49 damage to all nearby enemies, and restores 46 hit points to all nearby allies, but not yourself, every 1 second for 3 seconds. (30 secs cooldown)
ConradP1 Blessed Your healing is increased by 4% per Empire character in your group.


Divinity Divinity Divine Strike deals 30% more damage and heals 30% more.
LuckoftheGods Luck of the Gods Halves all damage taken while you are knocked down.
SigmarsFury Sigmar's Fury Sigmar's Fist now lasts for an additional 4 seconds.
RestorativeBurst Restorative Burst 10% chance on being hit: Regain 46 health.
InescapableJudgment Inescapable Judgment Increases Judgment's range by an additional 60 feet.
WarpedFlesh Warped Flesh Increases your armor by 10%.
Retaliation Retiliation 10% chance on being hit: Deals 38 damage to all enemies within 20 feet.
Alternate Ability
DivineAvatar Divine Cleansing Replaces Divine Avatar
Removes stagger, root, and snare effects from you and all nearby allies for 2 seconds. Each effect removed will reduce this abilities remaining cooldown time by 1 second.
Verdant apotheosis Verdant Apotheosis Heal others for 9,000 Hit Points in one life
All groupmates in the scenario become immune to damage and deal 300% more damage for 10 seconds.

Hero SpotlightEdit

Hero Spotlight Conrad

Hero Spotlight Conrad


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