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CarlistRieekan CarlistRieekan 22 July 2012

Major Changes on the Horizon

As developers of Wrath of Heroes are adding new content and implementing fixes, Wikia team doesn't sleep!

If you browsed Wiki deeply, you would notice that reworking of Patch Notes category is heading towards the success. Of course, there could be (always) done more, but I can tell you, I'm satisfied with this category right now.

You could also notice some minor changes provided by User:Humalice in Heroes pages and just that area will become my next target. Yes, I've got in my head new awsome Templates for our growing group of Heroes and I hope I will be able to write them and implement them during next week. I also hope I manage to make them so clear, that other contributors would be able to use them as well and make this Wiki more awsome, …

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