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Amenadresh the StewardEdit

The sand-shrouded land of Nehekhara is a realm within which no living creature can exist peacefully for long. Countless treasures lay within the sun-bleached monuments and ancient vaults. Treasures which are guarded, even now, by the servants of Nehekhara’s sleeping kings.

First among those servants are the Liche Priests; ancient sorcerers who, through centuries of study have managed to bind their souls to their bodies, trapping themselves within time-wizened flesh for all eternity. It is the Liche Priests who prepare the bodies of Nehekharan royalty when their souls pass into the realms beyond, and it is these same Priests who awaken the Tomb Kings from their slumber when danger threatens their lands.

Of Amenadresh himself little is known. Translations from what few Nehekharan artifacts have been studied suggest he was once a prominent power in the Mortuary Cult of Khemri, and that his brother, Yu’djeli, was the personal Champion of a King whose name has now been lost to time.

Amenadresh’s true power resides within the ancient chants that Liche Priests have recited, unchanged, since before the coming of Nagash. Through these chants Amenadresh is able to both strengthen allies and unleash devastating curses upon his foes.

Amenadresh, Herald of PtraEdit

So it is said of the Liche Priest Amenadresh, Herald of Ptra: "He speaks with the breath of the gods."

In a time of darkness, when the eyes of the gods grew veiled, a great Terror was seen in the skies above Khemri. A foul creature whose very existance flew in the face of Ptra laid waste to the monuments of the sleeping kings. Upon its back a Vampire, lesser in every way save for the audacity with which the beast had been created.

No weapon, no ritual, no construct could stand against it. The banners of fallen regiments littered the sands. Nor could these shattered soldiers be remade, for the troops destroyed by this abomination could not be recalled by any power that the Liche Priests posessed. Doubt filled the corridors of the Temple of Ptra. Perhaps the chants were failing. Perhaps the gods had abandoned their children.

Amenadresh it was who emerged to face the Vampire and his monstrosity. Ascending a wall of splintered bones formed from the remains of the destroyed Nehekharan armies, Amenadresh opened his mouth and spoke a single word. The true name of Ptra, carried on the wind, slammed into the unnatural monster and destroyed it instantly.

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